Choosing the Right Incense For You

Choosing the Right Incense For You

Incense has many uses including adding a scent to a space, room, or clothing that are stored with incense sachets, and can affect the mood of those who use it. When used for aromatherapy or meditation it can help create a sense of calm, add to ceremonies, and assist with meditation.

Creating a Calm Space

Many incense scents, and the essential oils that are added to them, can help to ease stress and calm the mind. Some of the incense smells are created with the intention of creating a calm space and relieving stress. This includes lavender, citrus, and other smells. A backflow system with incense cones will help to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and calming.
Incense Creating a Calm Space

For People On the Go

In the same way, there are others that are created with a mix of incense and essential oils that will offer a boost of energy and help to maintain focus. This can be included in sachets and taken on the go, including in bags, in vehicles, and more. When added to sports or gym bags it helps to reduce the smell of the clothing and keep it from becoming musty or strong smelling.
incense For People On the Go


General scents can be used by the entire family. They are safe for use around any age when appropriate scents are selected. Some essential oils that may be added should be avoided around children and pets, so it is necessary to choose appropriate scents when planning for a family. Avoid smoke and the use of lighters by selecting sachets or pressed incense for families.
Incense for families

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