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Explore the affordability and quality of Yatra natural incense sticks with our value packs.

An image of handcrafted natural incense sticks made with love. These premium, authentic incense sticks are created with natural ingredients

Yatra Incense Sticks Product Description:

YATRA Incense Sticks are meticulously handcrafted using a blend of rich natural ingredients, sourced from the bountiful forests of India. These ingredients are thoughtfully chosen and carefully mixed with pure natural fragrance oil to create an incense that offers a serene and harmonious experience. The traditional method of hand-rolling each stick, reminiscent of ancient times, ensures the utmost care and attention to detail.

What sets YATRA Incense Sticks apart is not only their exquisite fragrance but also their commitment to ethical production practices. No animal by-products are used in the manufacturing process, making them a perfect choice for those seeking cruelty-free products. Furthermore, YATRA takes pride in ensuring that no child labor is involved in any stage of production, upholding fair and responsible practices.

The dedication to quality extends to the curing process as well. YATRA Incense Sticks are cured using natural sunlight and fresh air, infusing them with an unparalleled dimension that sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives. This unique approach results in a truly exceptional incense that pleases and comforts without feeling intrusive.

Each stick is carefully hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick, combining essential oils, natural gums, resins, spices, and sandalwood powder. This meticulous process guarantees that every YATRA Incense Stick delivers a high-quality and authentic experience. Choose YATRA to indulge in the enchanting aromas while supporting a brand that values ethical production and craftsmanship.

Incense Sticks Product Specification:

Parimal Yatra Incense Sticks (15 Grams)

  • Estimated : Approximately 13 Incense Sticks Per Pack
  • Incense Stick Length : Approximately 20.5 CM
  • Incense Burn Time: Roughly 30 - 40 minutes

Parimal Yatra Incense Sticks (30 Grams)

  • Estimated : Approximately 13 Incense Sticks Per Pack
  • Incense Stick Length : Approximately 23.5 CM
  • Incense Burn Time: Roughly 50 - 60 minutes

Parimal Yatra Incense Sticks (72 Grams)

  • Estimated : Approximately 37 Incense Sticks Per Pack
  • Incense Stick Length : Approximately 23.5 CM
  • Incense Burn Time: Roughly 50 - 60 minutes
  • Free Incense sticks Holder with 72g Pack

Parimal Yatra Garden Incense Sticks - 16 Inch Long

  • Estimated : Approximately 8 Thick Incense Sticks Per Pack
  • Incense Stick Length : Approximately 40 CM each
  • Incense Burn Time: Roughly 3 Hours

Incense Sticks Used as :

  1. Meditation Aid: Light a YATRA Incense Stick during your meditation practice to create a serene and sacred ambiance. The calming fragrance helps you relax, focus your mind, and deepen your spiritual connection.

  2. Stress Relief: Burn a YATRA Incense Stick after a long, tiring day to unwind and alleviate stress. The soothing aroma helps calm your senses, promoting a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

  3. Spiritual Cleansing: Use YATRA Incense Sticks for smudging rituals to purify your space and remove negative energy. The sacred smoke of the incense aids in spiritual cleansing and creating a positive environment.

  4. Yoga Enhancer: Light a YATRA Incense Stick during your yoga practice to create a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere. The aromatic fragrance enhances your mind-body connection, promoting a deeper and more fulfilling practice.

  5. Aromatic Home Fragrance: Fill your living space with the delightful scent of YATRA Incense Sticks. Their long-lasting aroma creates an inviting and comforting ambiance, making your home feel cozy and serene.

  6. Mindfulness Practice: Incorporate YATRA Incense Sticks into your mindfulness rituals to enhance your moments of reflection and presence. The captivating fragrance helps you focus your attention and fully immerse in the present moment.

  7. Spa-like Experience: Create a luxurious spa-like experience at home by burning a YATRA Incense Stick during a relaxing bath or self-care routine. The soothing scent elevates your experience, promoting a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.

  8. Sleep Aid: Burn a YATRA Incense Stick in your bedroom before bedtime to create a peaceful and soothing environment that promotes better sleep. The calming aroma helps calm the mind and prepare you for a restful night's sleep.

  9. Mood Enhancer: Set a positive and uplifting mood by lighting a YATRA Incense Stick during gatherings or special occasions. The enchanting fragrance creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

  10. Thoughtful Gift: Share the joy and serenity of YATRA Incense Sticks with loved ones. Their high-quality craftsmanship and ethical production make them a meaningful and thoughtful gift, perfect for any occasion.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Penny AndersEn
Yatra Incense

A beautiful scented incense, the scent lingering for some time after stick has finished.

Lovely incense!

I brought the sandalwood perfume cream (which is amazing!) and had to give the incense a go too - love it!


Love it. Its the best 👌

Colette Blitvich
Absolutely fantastic

High quality and in love with the scent which fills the room entirely and lingers. Wont use anything else but these products from now on.

Adeli Teixeira

I love buying this incense. It smells so beautiful and give me a relaxing time. And this site is so good, I first meet this site at a yoga day festival years back and I bought some incense, since this day I could not stop to get more and more.
Love it