Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks

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An image of handcrafted natural incense sticks made with love. These premium, authentic incense sticks are created with natural ingredients

Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks Yatra Naturals

Product Description:

YATRA Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks are made from rich natural ingredients that are handcrafted with pure Myrrh from Africa and Sandal from India. Myrrh and Sandal are well known for its use in perfumes, incense and medicinal use. Myrrh is naturally found in small trees called Commiphora as a gum resin. It is burned to help with purifying the air and prevent the spread of contagious disease. 

Sandal is another well known fragrance. Sandalwood oil are extracted from the woods in the Indian forest, and its one of the most expensive oil in the world. It has many medicinal benefits and commonly used in ancient / traditional medicines and in many religions around the world. It helps to manage anxiety and stress, relaxes ones mind and body. 

Myrrh Sandal incense uses rich ingredients that are hand rolled onto to a bamboo stick. It helps to relax, promotes and aids meditation. 

No animal by products used in manufacturing, No child labor involved.

Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks Product Specification:

  • Estimated : Approximately 13 Incense Sticks Per Pack
  • Incense Stick Length : Approximately 20.5 CM
  • Incense Burn Time: Roughly 30 - 40 minutes

Yatra Naturals comes in 9 different Fragrance:

    Mryyh Sandal Incense Sticks used as :

    • Meditation Aid: Burning Myrrh Sandal incense sticks can create a serene and calming atmosphere, helping to enhance your meditation practice and promote deep relaxation.

    • Spiritual Connection: These incense sticks are often used to deepen spiritual connections and create a sacred ambiance during rituals, ceremonies, or prayer.

    • Grounding and Balancing: The earthy and grounding scent of Myrrh Sandal incense sticks can help bring a sense of balance and stability to your mind, body, and spirit.

    • Stress Relief: The soothing aroma of Myrrh Sandal can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility.

    • Aromatherapy: Burning Myrrh Sandal incense sticks can be used for aromatherapy purposes, providing emotional support and promoting a sense of well-being.

    • Sleep Aid: The relaxing properties of Myrrh Sandal can aid in improving sleep quality by creating a peaceful atmosphere conducive to restful sleep.

    • Spiritual Cleansing: Myrrh Sandal incense sticks are often used to cleanse and purify spaces, objects, or the aura, removing negative or stagnant energy.

    • Rituals and Ceremonies: These incense sticks are commonly used in rituals and ceremonies to enhance spiritual experiences, blessings, and intentions.

    • Enhancing Focus: The calming and grounding properties of Myrrh Sandal can help improve focus and concentration, making it beneficial for work or study environments.

    • Promoting Inner Peace: Burning Myrrh Sandal incense sticks can help foster a sense of inner peace and harmony, creating a sacred space for self-reflection and introspection.

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      Love it! ❤️

      Hamish Lal
      Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks

      Great Fragrance. I highly recommend it.