Benzoin Copal Incense Sticks

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An image of handcrafted natural incense sticks made with love. These premium, authentic incense sticks are created with natural ingredients

Benzoin Copal Incense Sticks - Yatra Naturals

Product Description:

YATRA Benzoin Copal Incense Sticks are made from rich natural ingredients that are handcrafted with pure Benzoin from Indonesia and Copal resin from Madagascar. Benzoin and Copal are well known for its use in perfumes, incense,  medicine and religious use. 

Benzoin resins are obtained from tree trunks that belongs to Styrax family. Benzoin has been widely used in many antient cultures around the world. Benzoin is commonly used in Indian home and temple known as Sambrani or Loban, an Ayurvedic medicine. Burning sambrani purifies the air by killing bacteria. Inhaling benzoin helps with many respiratory illness such as hoarseness, croup, expectorant etc. It helps to break up chest congestion by thinning the mucous. Its an excellent stimulant for antidepressant and relieves anxiety to promote relaxation. It gives an amazing emotional balance, sooth away sadness, anger and grief. It promotes focus and concentration. 

Aromatic copal resins are obtained from trees and shrubs belongs to Burseraceae family. Its a resinous substance in an intermediate state. Copal has been used by antient cultures especially Mayan civilization and Aztec culture. In Madagascar people use the smoke from the copal to fill the room/house as a natural disinfectant and to clean the house. Inhaling Copal has been around for centuries. It gives a positive energy, provides excellent balance for mind, an emotional stabilizer, relaxes and increase concentration, it helps to manage anxiety and stress on top of keeping the mosquitoes away too. 

Yatra natural Benzoin and Copal incense uses rich ingredients that are hand rolled onto to a bamboo stick. It helps to relax, promotes and aids meditation. 

No animal by products used in manufacturing, No child labor involved.

Benzoin Copal Incense Sticks Product Specification:

  • Estimated : Approximately 13 Incense Sticks Per Pack
  • Incense Stick Length : Approximately 20.5 CM
  • Incense Burn Time: Roughly 30 - 40 minutes

Yatra Naturals comes in 9 different Fragrance:

Benzoin Copal Incense Sticks used as :

  • Spiritual Protection: Burning Benzoin Copal incense sticks can be used to create a protective shield around yourself or your space, warding off negative energies and promoting spiritual protection.

  • Meditation Aid: The calming and grounding aroma of Benzoin Copal incense sticks can enhance your meditation practice, helping to create a peaceful and focused mindset.

  • Purification: These incense sticks are often used for purifying and cleansing a space or object, removing any stagnant or negative energies.

  • Rituals and Ceremonies: Benzoin Copal incense sticks are commonly used in various rituals and ceremonies to invoke sacred energies, connect with higher realms, and set intentions.

  • Mental Clarity: The sweet and resinous scent of Benzoin Copal can help clear the mind, improve concentration, and enhance mental clarity.

  • Emotional Healing: Burning these incense sticks can create a soothing and comforting atmosphere, assisting in emotional healing and releasing emotional blockages.

  • Stress Relief: The aroma of Benzoin Copal incense sticks can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and create a sense of calm and tranquility.

  • Prayer and Devotion: These incense sticks are often used during prayer or devotional practices to create a sacred atmosphere and enhance spiritual connection.

  • Energy Balancing: Burning Benzoin Copal incense sticks can help balance and harmonize the energy flow within the body, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

  • Aura Cleansing: Passing through the smoke of Benzoin Copal incense sticks can help cleanse and purify your aura, removing any negative or stagnant energies that may be affecting your energy field.

      Customer Reviews

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      Carla Reese

      Beautiful quality incense. Love the smell. Great customer service fast delivery.

      Vik Garriock
      Ideal for disinfecting an area

      Best quality and value for money, they burn for ages.
      These awesome incense sticks clear the space well, especially after having the flu or feeling unwell.
      Benzoin has been used for centuries in hospitals and clinics to kill bacteria.

      Hamish Lal
      Benzoin Copal Incense Sticks

      The fragrance was mild. Nothing memorable.