AromaPoints - Earn, redeem, and indulge in the bliss of natural incense!

AromaPoints - Earn, redeem, and indulge in the bliss of natural incense!

Embark on an Aromatic Adventure: Naathi Aromatherapy's Unveiling of Our Exciting New Loyalty Program!

AromaPoints - New Loyalty Programme for Naathi Aromatherapy

🌿✨ Welcome to an exciting chapter in your aromatic journey! We are thrilled to introduce our spectacular new Loyalty Program—an endeavor to enhance your experience and express our gratitude for your unwavering support.

Unlock Aromatic Rewards: Your Personalized Journey Awaits

At Naathi Aromatherapy, we understand that your aromatic journey is unique. Our Loyalty Program is designed to not only add delight but to reward you at every step. Let's explore the ways you can earn AromaPoints and unlock a world of enticing rewards.

Discover AromaPoints for various actions at Naathi Aromatherapy & transform them into fabulous rewards! Your journey just got more aromatic and rewarding. Unlock the scents you love with our exciting new rewards program. 🌿Start earning and indulging today! ✨

Ways to Earn AromaPoints:

  1. Place an Order: For every $1 spent, earn 7 AromaPoints.
  2. Celebrate a Birthday: Revel in the aromatic bliss with a special gift of 250 AromaPoints on your special day.
  3. Like on Facebook: Spread the love and earn 150 AromaPoints.
  4. Follow on Instagram: Deepen your connection with an extra 150 AromaPoints.
  5. Signup: Embark on your aromatic journey with a warm welcome of 200 AromaPoints.
  6. Write a product review: Share your experience and earn 500 AromaPoints.

Unlock a world of joy with your earned AromaPoints: Your aromatic journey becomes even more rewarding. Redeem points for discounts, free shipping, and exclusive offers. Each AromaPoint is your ticket to savings and natural incense treats. Happy redeeming! 🌿✨

Ways to Redeem AromaPoints:

  1. Order Discount: Exchange 100 AromaPoints for a $1 discount on your next order.
  2. Free Shipping Coupon: Enhance your aromatic experience with seamless delivery using 1000 AromaPoints.
  3. 10% Off Coupon: Enjoy a 10% discount by redeeming 1000 AromaPoints.
  4. 20% Off Coupon: Immerse in savings with a 20% discount—redeem 2000 AromaPoints.
  5. 30% Off Coupon: Elevate your aromatic experience with a 30% discount—redeem 5000 AromaPoints.
  6. 50% Off Coupon: Immerse in sheer indulgence with a 50% discount—redeem 8000 AromaPoints.

AromaPoints - Ways to Redeem - Naathi Aromatherapy

Your Journey Begins Now: The Joy of Earning and Redeeming

We invite you to immerse yourself in the joy of earning and redeeming with our Loyalty Program. More than just scents, it's about creating memorable experiences. Log in now to explore the program, witness the myriad of benefits, and unveil the surprises that await you.

Your unwavering support is the heartbeat of this program, and we are eager to embark on this aromatic adventure with each one of you.

Ready to elevate your aromatic journey? 🌿✨ Let the scents guide you to a world of rewards and surprises at Naathi Aromatherapy!