Benefits of Incense

Many people burn incense in their homes to make rooms smell fresh and invigorating, but before that the burning of incense was known to be a part of religious and cultural rituals for hundreds of years. Incense sticks have come a long way, and their multiple uses are what have made them become more popular.

Relieves Anxiety

According to studies, burning incense can help a person relieve anxiety and stress. It’s a given that many people undergo stress in today’s modern society, but what can eliminate this anxiety is exposure to the pleasant aroma that incense gives off when burned. Along with essential oils, burning incense can heighten one’s mood and help them relax physically and spiritually.

Improves Sleep

Burning incense can also give people a sedative effect, making them calmer and happier. This helps to a great degree and it can even allow one to get a better night’s sleep. Incense is a common component in aromatherapy to help patients relax, and people who have their own incense kits burn them right before going to sleep. Burning incense even for a good 10-15 minutes can make a large difference in a person’s sleep.

Decreases Blood Pressure

The aroma from your smudge stick works instantaneously to help calm your body and lower your blood pressure. When blood pressure is lowered, you can prevent strokes, heart attacks, and other fatal heart conditions. Burning incense and exposure to its aroma won’t outright cure stroke and heart problems, but it can help speed up treatment and decrease blood pressure in a safe and natural way.

Accelerates Wound Healing

When burning incense, any cuts or wounds that you have can heal quicker as a result. How this works is that the aroma from your smudge stick will be exposed to the skin’s olfactory receptors. These receptors in the body are associated with the production of keratin, which contributes to the regeneration of your outermost skin layers. Thus, your skin is able to heal faster as your body receives more keratin in order to repair the skin.

Evaporates Other Odors

And of course, incense can be used as an air freshener for the home, either to make rooms smell more natural or to naturally eliminate any bad odors. Incense brings that pleasant wood scent that most homeowners love, which gives them another reason to burn incense even if they’re not dealing with stress or high blood pressure. Burning incense is considered a better alternative to air fresheners that you buy at the store, as these air fresheners come with chemicals that can be detrimental to your health as well as the environment.

Burn Your Incense in A Well-Ventilated Area

As you burn incense, you are still creating smoke so it’s important that you should always burn incense in a well-ventilated room. Exposure to constant burned incense can affect lung function over a period of time, so this is a problem that can be prevented if that smoke can exit the room somehow.


Burning incense comes with various benefits. These include relieving stress, lowering your blood pressure, helping you sleep better, and other changes that affect your body and lifestyle. Order smudge sticks online as a cheap way to relieve stress and have a pleasant-smelling home.


Attribution : Crystalis